Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Date Nights

This is just a random posting of random date nights. And really, it's an excuse to post alot of pictures of nature, as you will shortly see.
First, Malachi and I go to the MOA fairly often for crummy weather date nights. On one such night, we saw all of these people gathering and were semi-excited to maybe see a celebrity!
We stood and waited a while until this woman walked out.

And probably the most exciting part was that I actually knew who she was! Well, I didnt know her name, I think it's Bethany Franken or something like that. But I know that she is from The Real Housewives of NYC! (a show I don't watch, but find it hard to avoid hearing about)

A Hudson date night at Caribou Coffee, doing some wedding planning.

That same night, hitting up Chipotle.

Another date night at Mary's Prairie Party. I work with Mary and every year when her prairie blooms she holds a party. It really is beautiful once you realize how special some of the plants are. But because the weather has been pretty pitiful this year, it was in full bloom yet when we were there. Regardless, here is the prairie:

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