Monday, July 20, 2009

my weekend in ND

I spent the 4th in North Dakota. I've never spent anything in North Dakota before except for a day's worth of driving through it. So it was kinda cool to see the state on a bit more personal of a level.
We went there for a wedding that Malachi was in. Friday night, after rehearsal we went on a riverboat ride. Here are some of our peeps...
(L to R: Mikaela-the bride, Marla and her hubby Eric-both part of the wedding party, Lindsey-bridesmaid, and you all know the beautiful Laura- wedding photographer).
And below, I think you know these three goofuses...

Later that night, we went to Chris and Kari's house, aka Dakota Adventist Academy, and hung out in the Library.

What a cutie I have...
Saturday, the 4th.

Watching fireworks.
Sunday, The Wedding.
Here are Malachi and Phil (the guy in the picture you can't see, who was our host for the weekend) with Anthony, the groom.

The other groomsmen, Aaron and Eric (former roomies of Malachi).

The ever-loved jumping picture. Malachi is a rock star.

Malachi and Jonny, providing the musical entertainment.

And beautiful Alyssa (also providing the musical entertainment).

Malachi and Lacey

The beautiful bride!

Aw, look at these two lovebirds!

That night we went to some Alien bar and grill and played in the arcade. More like we rocked the arcade! We won big on Deal or No Deal and ended up getting a blow up scooby-doo doll. Jealous?

Breakfast with the bunch before hitting the road.

I was a little bummed to be missing out on the 4th of July with V and T and their hubby's. But I gotta say, I had alot of fun in North Dakota!? I love all of Malachi's buddies. They are such a warm and kind group of people. And besides being scared for my life with some fireworks situations, they are also a pretty fun bunch!
Please do not mistake my good time in ND for me loving the state itself. It had some pretty hills and sunsets, but...


Taumi said...

I totally looked forever for the guy you can't see and then realized it was the caption for the next pic. lol

Don't feel bad about missing out on the 4th with us because it didn't happen. V had to do something else so we just went back to Lincoln early.

Vanessa said...

Hahaha, you said goofuses.

That's gnarlen!