Friday, February 12, 2010

2009 Photopuhlenza

  1. The Bebo Norman/Jeremy Camp concert
  2. This may have been Valentines Day?  Oh wait.  No it wasn't.  I was in Oklahoma for valentine's last year.  So I have no explanation for this.
  3. Snowboardin!
  4. This field I love.  I drive by it everyday and it is almost always a beautiful photo.  In fact, in the fall there was this silouette of a huge buck right at the top at dusk.  So cool.  Too bad I'm always driving past it and don't have my camera ready for such opportunities.
  5. And I wonder why Daisy has trust issues.
  6. Pool at my brothers house.
  7. I love this picture alot.
  8. Little Jack.
  9. Another hazy day
  10. This wasn't valentines day either.
  11. I cooked a mexican meal for myself this night
  12. And here I obviously almost forgot to take a picture that day.  I remember turning the lamp back on, snapping the picture and going to sleep.  Now THAT is some mad photography skillz...


Vanessa said...

haha, I love the one with Daisy and the tucan beak. Too cute :) And that's one darn good chicken pic.

Taumi said...

I also love the tucan beak. Made me laugh. And the mexican food one makes me hungry.