Monday, February 8, 2010

2009 Photos


  1. Happy birthday to V!
  2. A fairly healthy assortment of food with a motherload of hot cocoa!!  Mmm. I need to buy some more of that stuff, I think it's been a year since I had any!
  3. Geese
  4. Isn't that carrot amazing?  Taumi and Stephen, you guys came here with us a few months later! :) 
  5. A statue at the hospital
  6. This field always makes a beautiful photo
  7. Malachi with Lucy.  She was a very sweet dog :(
  8. The super bowl!  I wanted to capture the day, so I took a picture of the tv
  9. Daisy and I.  Looking pretty typical.
  10. This is at Target!
  11. I love this hazy sun.  Love it!
  12. This picture looks distorted.  But regardless, don't they look well behaved?  They are begging for treats.  Little rascals.


Miriam said...

The hazy sun and the birds are my favorite!

Vanessa said...

Oh MAN! Now I have to wait FOREVER to get those presents! I wish I didn't know they existed, and why did you have to wrap them so enticingly???


Lyndsey said...

Haha, Vanessa, these are 2009 pictures, you already HAVE those presents! Maybe you know that and I just missed the sarcasm. But regardless, don't worry, you have new ones waiting for you. They just aren't wrapped yet :)