Monday, February 1, 2010

2009 Pictures

As I'm sure you know, I made a resolution in 2009 (one among many) to take a picture every day.  I will confess immediately, that I failed at this resolution (and all of the others).   But I really don't feel like I failed.  I took photos 196 days (well, more than that, but not in a row, so I didn't count those.)  I stopped mid-July.  Some of the photos I am really proud of,, not so much.  There are several days when you can tell I took a picture just to fill the quota.  There is a good sized stretch where i was really sick, and those pictures show how much I was just not into anything but trying to feel better.  Then there are pictures that I'm not proud of in terms of photography, but that more so just record what I did that day.  I am going to split these up to 12 pictures a day for you to look at.  I think you can click the picture to make it bigger if you so choose.  You have seen most of the good ones already, but otherwise, enjoy!
Oh, and one other thing.  The only editing that has been done to these photos is the occaisional cropping.  And one photo has the color adjusted to make me look slightly less sick, as I was not feeling the best and it shows.

  1. The first day of 2009 and we celebrated with some Vegan with a Vengeance pancakes!

  2. One of my favorites.  I love the colors in that photo that winter provides.  And the sun's rays add to that warm feeling in a cold atmosphere.  I also like the focus on that single stalk.

  3. Communion!  Haha.

  4. How many ways can I find to take a picture of snow and trees?

  5. Pretty pink and purple.

  6. I was really irritated about the phone lines in this pictures, as I took this one while driving to work in the morning and didn't notice all of the lines until later.  But there is a better orange sunrise picture on a later day.

  7. The moon.  Something I was ecstatic to be able to capture on my camera.  And something I hope to really experiment when I get my first SLR someday.

  8. The crooked tree that I park by almost every day.

  9. Blech!  The weird cleansing diet thing that my mom and I did.  It was miserable.  And really gross.  That was the nastiest thing I have ever forced myself to consume.  And that same day our electricity went out for several hours.  Icing on the cake.   Mmm, I could have really gone for some cake.

  10. My ribbon box.

  11. Malachi and I tried a new place to eat, and it had a gazillion different salsas.  And we only actually like one or two.

  12. My drive to work.  Pretty snazzy, eh?


Taumi said...

I kind of like the telephone lines in that sunset pic.

Beautiful pictures Lyndsey! I am glad you share some of your creativity with us.

Kate said...

Love looking at your pics, I think I like the winter with the focus on the single stalk the best. I agree with Taumi, I think the lines make that sunset picture interesting.

Taumi said...

especially since you can't see the poles for the telephone lines. It breaks up the pic in a sort of abstract way.