Thursday, February 4, 2010

2009 Pictures

  1. I thought it was cold out so I took a picture of my thermostat reading in my car.
  2. Davanni's Pizza! Malachi and I are definite fans. :)
  3. I'm always cold.  I was not made for this northern living.
  4. Notice how in #1 I said that I thought it was cold.  Ya this day was colder. 
  5. Peachy keen jelly bean
  6. The orange picture without telephone lines, but now I don't mind the lines so much with all of your kind comments :)
  7. Trees.  When at a loss of what to photograph on a day, find a tree.
  8. My flag cupcakes that I brought to a Mary Kay party on some political day.  Induction day maybe?  Presidents day?  I was trying to be optimistic...
  9. The Hudson Movie Theater.  Comfy seats and huge bathrooms, what more could you ask for?
  10. I love my frost picture.
  11. 'Muttley' needed a hair cut it looks like
  12. The lights at Malachi's house.

1 comment:

Taumi said...

haha, you definitely need to move! It rarely gets below 10 degrees here in Lincoln and almost never below zero. Good case for Nebraska, eh eh?

Love the frost.