Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's time for another fitness video review!

Skinny Bitch Boot Camp

Pardon my french!  I did this video over a month ago, so I'm having trouble remembering everything, but the quick of it I think I can remember.

Okay, so the warm-up.  It does look at all the major muscle groups which is nice.  But I really wanted them to shut up.  They are not boring, but not really interesting enough to make me want to work out.
As for the rest of the video...
Because their claim to fame is a healthy diet, they talk about food CONSTANTLY during the video.  So it makes me think about food. They say everything half-heartedly like they don't mean it.  Even they seem bored.  Well, one seems bored.  The other is just strange.  I swear, and I'm not even kiddin, I think I heard her whisper "I'll cut you" at one point during the video.  And if you watch the video, even if you don't hear her say it, I don't think you'll be suprised, cause she's just strange.  At one point she kinda screams, shakes her head and fists and says "I'm not doing it!"  so the bored girl has to encourage her (half-heartedly) to continue.  What?  Ya, weird.

I'm not a fan at all of exercise videos with a lot of hoppy steps.  I'd rather get my cardio on the treadmill or just doing jumping jacks or jump rope.  But I know, that's my own preference, so I won't dock the video on that.   
I found myself doing my own thing quite alot, like weights or jumping jacks when they were doing other stuff.  But as for the abs work out, I really did like that.  I wrote it down so I could do that independently, cause there ain't no way I'm buying that video!  haha.
The stretches for the cool down were blah, but they usually are.

They have a 5x5 program on the video where they do one body part or cardio for 5 minutes.  That was nothing special.  Not bad, not great.

So all in all, I wouldn't recommend the video.  Unless you want to netflix it just to see the crazy lady :)

(I'm currently in the middle of a good workout video though!  It's truly kicking my butt, so stay tuned!)

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Taumi said...

I kinda want to netflix it to hear the crazy lady scream and such.