Monday, March 15, 2010

over the weekend...say what?!

  • Went to church with our intriguing interim pastor preaching. He finished off the sermon with a story about talking to a demon (this is a long story short). And I thought it was an interesting point in his story that when you have negative feelings towards another, that opens the door for the demons like a welcome mat.
  • Looked at another townhouse. 50 bucks per dog per month and NO utilities included. BOOO! But I did like their bathrooms...
  • Ate sushi at Akita where we had a mean waitress. Yes, Malachi she was rude. Don't defend the grumpy lady. :)
  • Spent more money on wedding crap.
  • Spent way too much money on hawaii can I resist?
  • Watched Up In the Air, you know, the one George Clooney did not win an oscar for?  Ya, it was kinda a downer.
  • Finally finished a really bad book. (Ironically, it is called The Good Book). Don't even get me started. I was so mad at this man (the author) while reading the book that I actually wrote all over the margins, yelling my point at him on paper.
  • Worked out. Shredded for the 13th time. Which means I'm not even half done? What?!
  • Looked at the other townhouse for the, third time? With my parents this time. It's official. We really like it.
  • Went tanning and failed at getting my sides even.  Success on the left, failure on the right.  Oh well, there is more time!
  • Went to Cupcake. Mmmm. Malachi had his omelet and potatoes. I had a grilled cheese and tomato panini. And of course two cupcakes. Kahlua and Triple Vanilla. Neither of them measured up to the delight that was the triple chocolate last time, but they didn't have it this time.
  • Watched Community with Malachi. Oh man. I don't know if any of you watch this show, but when the grandma was spanking Brita?! That was so funny. I have the clip below. I don't think you guys will think it was as funny as I did. I just think Troy is sooo funny during that part. And Brita. Oh I don't know.

And that about sums it up! Please keep Malachi in your prayers, he has 2 Boards tests this weekend!

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Taumi said...

What kind of shows are you watching? weird. lol