Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back when I was single...

This is a 'little' post about the days leading up to the wedding.

And this is a little picture of our resort, in all it's glory.

If any of you have ever seen The Incredible Mr. Limpet, this photo is for you...

One of the first days we went south on the island to Poipu and hung out at the beach.

(isn't this a cool picture from my dad?)

And we got to see these two chicas

On friday we had the Bridal Brunch.  Yummy food and lots of lingerie!

Later that evening we went out to eat Thai (yum!)

Jeremy, Stephen and Ryan

Nik and Angie

The next day we traveled far north and then west to go on our mega-hike!



Which reminds me, I hope nobody suffered permanent aches and pains!!

Jeremy and Nik resting at our 1/4 way stop, where we had a worship for sabbath

My awesome friends.

Marla and me in the flipping cold water!

Malachi and I celebrating making it to the falls.

And a little more celebrating!

Mom, Lori and Judy, being awesome and helping out in wedding preparations.

My three beautiful bridesmaids!

My besties.  (I didnt get the memo about the cute dresses!)


Taumi said...

Yay! I love all of these! You are so beautiful and TAN! Most memorable wedding ever.And I miss you.

Kate said...

I love your pics! So happy you had such a wonderful wedding experience with all your closest friends in such an amazingly beautiful place.