Sunday, June 20, 2010

Love and Loss

So I think nearly everyone who reads my blog already knows this.  But in case I have more readers than I am aware... a couple of weeks ago my grandpa passed away.  It was very sad, but it's comforting that he's not suffering anymore.  And that seems very cliche' to say, but he really was suffering so much for too long.

Anyways, it also was a chance for Malachi to meet almost everyone.  But he was NOT impressed with how long the drive was.

It's great that Jeremy lives in Lincoln, because that gives us a chance to take a nice long driving break (overnight) and to visit some of our favorite people (I wish I had taken pictures of all of you)!

This is not a great picture of me, but Taumi is so adorable, I had to put up two of her!

We got to see Doug for a little bit as well!

And a bunny...

It was nice to hang out with my family as well.  And introduce Dad to Hu Hot :)

I love my husband so much.  Thank you Malachi for being there for me and my family!

Rest in peace, Grandpa.  You were an inspiring and great man.  And you blessed many peoples lives.

~ Jerry Wayne Daniel ~

12/5/33 ---- 6/6/10


Kate said...

We loved seeing you guys too! Taumi is pretty darn cute:)

Taumi said...

I was not expecting to see that pic of us on this post...we kind of look like sisters in it. =)

Your grandpa was cute. I'm glad he is resting from his pain.

Miriam said...

So hard to lose a grandpa, but it sounds like he was loved well.

These pics are actually making me jealous that I don't live in the midwest anymore... I wanna hang out!