Monday, June 7, 2010

♡♥ Love ♥♡

This weekend brought not one, but two friends' weddings!  Love abounded :)

On saturday Malachi and I hit the road at 10:30 and headed east into wisconsin for a 2:00 wedding.  And then we proceeded to get very lost.  So lost that even leaving over an hour early, we missed the whole ceremony.  Ya, we suck.  I was so mad.  But, we made it to the reception!

Here we are with my work buddy Brenda and her new husband Steve.  Brenda got engaged just a few weeks after me and obviously her wedding was not too long after mine.  So we had a good time planning our weddings together.

She is sadly going to live so far from her husband ( 9 and 1/2 hour drive), and they have always been far away from eachother.  What point am I getting to?  Their table numbers were distances in miles between important locations in their life.  It was cute :)

We had a good time (despite Malachi eating something with dairy in it and now he is sick)

And we succeeded in NOT getting lost on our way home and enjoying a gorgeous drive.

Moving on to sunday...
Gregg and Hadassah had their lovely wedding!

It was a beautiful and very emotional ceremony.
And Gregg was the happiest groom ever! I loved it!

And of course his beautiful sisters were there...

And his lovely parents.

This is Malachi's "another picture?  really??" pose.

And these guys are funny.

Heidi and her future husband (just a month away!) and Anita.

Jonny and Alyssa.  I like her sunglasses.

Esther and her husband.  They are so adorable.

Me and my husband!

And there you have it!  A very busy weekend (hours and hours in the car and home at 10:30 both nights).  I really don't think Malachi and I have had time to blink since we got married.  I mean, it's been alot of fun, but so crazy busy!  And it's not stopping yet...


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Miriam said...

You two look so cute!! (and the weddings are pretty too)