Friday, June 11, 2010

Let the fun begin!

So we have recently started the to-do's in the green box!  We have only done one so far and have no idea what any of the others say.  We are keeping each one a suprise.  The first one was from Eric and Marla...

We definitely were unable to do this in order, and ended up even being on WAAAY different days.  Malachi did make me breakfast in bed :)  It was cinnamon raisen toast and scrambled eggs.  Mmm.

Ikea was a different story.  The first attempt, we got there pretty much right as they locked the doors for the night.

So we tried again the next week (we only had date nights available to hit up Ikea) and we didn't eat out like we had the week before (at an awesome Thai Restaraunt).  We got some fast food and ate it on the way.  We did not want to miss our second chance!  And we didnt!  But we were a little disappointed.  A bit of it was under construction at the time.  And every time we found something we liked, it was sold out.  So, we marked down the info of the things we liked, grabbed a catalogue and called it a night!

Since I don't have a picture of my breakfast in bed, I decided to add an earlier date night where Malachi can eat breakfast at any time of day at...CUPCAKE!!!
They have this sign on the door:

And i had a pistachio cupake.  It was very good, but still doesnt compare to my memory of the triple chocolate cupcake.  oh man. :)


Taumi said...

I think they wanted you to have breakfast in bed AT Ikea! Like in 500 days of summer, they hang out on the bed at Ikea....

Miriam said...

can't wait to see the rest:)