Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The 4th

On the Fourth of July, Malachi and I went with his parents to Lake Minnetonka to watch some firework magic unfold.

As did alot of other people...

Before the fireworks, the Minnesota Orchestra played, and this is their young Irish conductor.

Malachi's parents, watching the orchestra.

I thought this guy was asleep, but then I realized he was texting.

The conductor really got into it.  At one point he mentioned that it isn't too often a conductor has such a great view.  And it's so true.  He had an America loving audience sprawled out on the grass behind him, an orchestra in front of him, and beyond them was Lake Minnetonka filled with boats.  And the sun setting!  And premature fireworks displays going off occaisionally.  Very cool.

It was a really cool fireworks display.  We enjoyed it :)  and we hope you guys enjoyed yours too!

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Taumi said...

Sounds awesome. That Irish guy was very dressed up for an all-American fete, especially when it's so hot.