Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day!

My parents and Malachi and I went to the Hudson Parade this weekend.

This dog was really cute, and they had spray painted it random colors for some reason.

It was not part of the parade, it was sitting across the street from us.

Mom :)

Dad :)

Yours truly

And Darth Vader?  He was just wandering around through the crowds.  Not sure why.

The kids were all colorful and adorable.

And the horses were going a little out of control.

And then there's the plumber float.

We were sitting at the end of the parade, I think this dog portrays that.

This child meant business.

The good band.

I offered my mom money to do this in a parade.  She didn't take me up on the offer.

Yes, that is a hand puppet.

Who knew?

This was like, King Snow or something like that.

Hope everyone is enjoying the 4th!!


Miriam said...

These photos are classic!

Taumi said...

I love how all the kids get all decked out. I took a bunch of pics of kids too. I went to Seward for the fourth because I guess they are the craziest patriotic town ever. It was pretty fun.