Saturday, July 3, 2010

"The Box"

Oh the famous box.  The box that I sent a month ahead of time to Kauai, and that finally made it's way back to Wisconsin over a month after the wedding.

So do any of you even care what was IN this box?  Well for those of you who do, read on.

First off we have a basket (intended for cards), and inside this basket is alot of ribbon to decorate the favors with. (the favors that arrived at my parents house on wednesday, we flew out at 7:30 AM on wednesday, JUST missed it).

Also in that box were tons of pink and orange lighters (for the send off sparklers).  If anyone needs a lighter, just call me.  I have sooooo many.

Next we have the cliche cameras, but I'm a picture lover.

The sand!!!  Personally, I liked the Jello better :)

Stickers for the tops of the favor boxes.

A bent up pen for the guest book.

The ribbon sashes for the chairs in the ceremony to add a little color.

The cake topper.

The sparklers (happy 4th of July!)

And last but not least, the programs.  Alot of work went into these babies.  I bought fans and fabric and I typed out the programs, then I ironed the programs onto fabric.  Then I sewed the fabric to the fans.  Anyone want a bunch of old programs??

Well, I honestly think that the wedding was better without these things than it would have been if they arrived.  A blessing I guess :)  Well...I do wish we would have had the programs.  Mostly due to the long hours I put into them.  But it was a blessing that we had a copy with us that we could use to make all the ones that were at the wedding!  Have I mentioned how much I love my parents?  They did so much for us!!

So there we have it, the story of The Box has finally come to a close.


Angie S said...

oh lyndsey how frustrating!! your fan programs look amazing though. not like that helps any... well maybe you can ebay it all as a wedding set? i'm glad everything worked out anyway despite all this and hey, i guess the point is that you got married in the end! :)

Miriam said...

Man, after all the effort and thought you put into these it really stinks that you weren't able to use them. But if it makes you feel any better - that jell-o was awesome!!!

Taumi said...

Aw, Lynds! Those fans are amazing! I still kinda want one to commemorate your wedding. I have stacks of wedding programs for some odd reason.