Wednesday, July 28, 2010

UFO Days -- We Returned

So it's been a couple of years since my dad and I ventured out to the UFO capital of the world (at least that's what the people of Elmwood, WI say).  And this time we brought along Malachi for the adventure.

And appropriately, this is what we saw:

We had to get in line for the burgers.  I got a regular cheeseburger, learning from my past.  But my dad was a fan of the UFO Burger, and he helped himself to the tradition.

Then we stopped by and bought our souvenirs.

And Malachi fell for the same exact trick that my dad did a couple of years ago.  In the same exact spot.  Priceless I say!

Donning our UFO Days 2010 buttons!

Good thing we bought them, because my shirt actually broke so I pinned the strap back on with the button.

Eating our burgers.  The UFO burger skimped on the kraut this year.  As only Stephanie Tanner could say, How Rude!

And then the parade began!

The parade this year was awesome.  An entirely different experience than the tin foil wagons we saw a couple of years ago!

And they gave away so many treats.  And I'm talking in addition to the huge amounts of candy they were tossing all over the place. 

There was cheese curds, pudding, milk (regular and chocolate), freezies, and string cheese!

All for free!

I'm not sure what this float is about.

The guys on the lawnmowers were throwing frisbees out.

But enough talk, lets see some aliens!

Hudson's Pepperfest float was cute.  They dressed up like the men in black characters and had badges and the queen's (pictured) badge said QIB (Queen in Black).

The politicians kept branding this poor child.

The guy from our wedding was totally there...

And I'm sorry, but clowns can be scary at times and people like this aren't helping the situation.

My dad and I in our UFO days T-shirts and buttons.

All in all, we are fans of UFO Days.


Taumi said...

Is your hair in a fishtail braid? I didn't know you knew how to do that.

hahaha, that bum from your wedding. And yes, that clown is scar-eeee!

You don't like saurkraut? I just realized I don't know how to spell that.

Lyndsey said...

Yup totally a fishtail. And no, saurkraut is nasty.

Vanessa said...

Ok. Clowns should NOT have facial hair!

UFO Days looks like so much fun! And yes, I noticed the braid, too - super cute :) And it is a good thing you had that pin!

Stephen said...

I realize this comment is wayyyy late but I had to comment. I agree with Vanessa, clowns should not have facial hair.

Lyndsey I think you and Malachi have a stalker, the creapy bum from Hawaii.