Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why does spending money have to be so fun??

These are a few new purchases that we have made recently to start personalizing our new home!

These touch lamps for our bedroom are completely awesome.  We both are in love with them.

This corner shelf was a dream come true.  It goes perfectly in our guest bath downstairs.

We bought this dog bed at the same place as the corner shelf.  Our apartment color has a strong green theme, so we were very excited about the purchase.  And the dogs love it too (that's Dylan with "Moose").

One of the next things on our wish list is a fireplace mantel!  I was thinking how bare our fireplace looks and then I thought, why not get a mantel?  It would be similar to hanging a picture, so it wouldn't wreck the walls or anything.  The only problem is how incredibly over-priced they are.  So we will see.  We also want a file cabinet, and I have a feeling that might trump the mantel due to affordability!

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Vanessa said...

I am SO getting touch lamps!!!