Monday, October 11, 2010

I Love Autumn!

Last Thursday, Malachi met me for lunch and we took a mini-walk around one of the parks in Hudson.

(Malachi took this first picture, isn't absolutely gorgeous?!)

The park overlooks the St. Croix River, and it was so pretty to see the colors with the water.

I apologize that most of my posts lately have just been lots of pictures of trees and leaves and sky, but it's just been so so pretty.  So you are just gonna have to suck it up and deal!

I hope you all have had at least one chance to enjoy this season at its best so far!


Taumi said...

I for one, am really glad you keep posting tree/autumn pics because we havn't begun to have Fall colors in NE which probably means it will freeze and then the leaves will fall off the gree color they are and turn straight to brown. =(

Kate said...

We do have some color, just nothing compared to MN. I was driving around today and was happy to see pretty trees all over. This is the first day I've really noticed them though.

Ceri Christiansen said...

I have not been home for the fall in about 6 years! I miss it so much. Thanks for giving me a little taste of it!