Sunday, October 10, 2010

Date Night

Last week for date night, we went to the newly opened Las Margheritas.  We were super excited about this opening in Woodbury, because we have loved the one in Cottage Grove, and now we live right by one!

The decor was super colorful.  Every chair was unique.

We decided to not have a normal date night this time, so instead we had an Intimidate Night.  And we made intimidating faces at one another.

More cool decor...

4 thumbs up for Las Margheritas.  Such a large menu, even with a vegetarian section (though, it's a small section).  The down side?  You have to pay for any refills on your chips or salsa.  The upside?  They give you a little container of salsa to refill your bowl about 3 times, so you shouldn't really even need any more chips or salsa.


Angie S said...

looks like a cool place! love the color! and lyndsey you definately have the more intimidating face. sorry malachi. :)

Taumi said...

I love all those carved chairs! I think you guys just make funny faces at eachother all the time because you don't like taking pretty pictures. I don't understand...Although, you still are super pretty when you make funny faces.

Vanessa said...

Yeah, Lyndsey, that's about the cutest intimidating face I've ever seen. Good effort, though :)