Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sabbath One Week Ago

Last weekend we were up in Deer River, MN with V, R, T & S!

After church (at the smallest and cutest church I've ever been to), we went on a hike, and the colors were just perfect.

The Guys

The Gals

After we got back to the house (and had a good nap), we drank hot apple cider and ate some yummy hot dogs around the camp fire! 

And how can you end such a great day?  By throwing a suprise birthday party for the amazing Taumi!

5 ice creams and one fruit.  Perfection!
It was a great weekend.  Just being with good friends. I can't wait to see you all again soon!


Hope you all have a happy sabbath.  We are about to head off to church and then spend most of the day outside.  It's 80 degrees!!!  And sunny!!!!


Taumi said...

I'm glad you posted these cuz I wanted to steal some. Thanks again for such a suprising surprise birthday party!

Vanessa said...

Those yellow trees look so cool in the pics. I'm so glad you guys took pictures :) And the mug that Malachi is holding, those gingerbread men really stand out, don't they?